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Golden Hill

 School Division


Apply Procedure

Step One


Download GHSD application form and fill the form

Send the finished form and the following document to our Hong Kong Office by post or via email:


Step TWO

  • The school transcripts (Past three years)

  • Passport  copy (the passport with photo)

  • Identification photo (passport size)

  • Essay (less than one page)

  • Application fee CA$200 (Non-refundable)

*Essay is only for Grade 12 and University Foundation Course applicants


#How to pay for the application fee (CA$ 200)?

  1. Fill the first page of application form on credit card information only

  2. Pay by T/T and send the bank statement along with the application form to

Step Three


After accepting GSHD offer, you should pay for the tuition in advance to secure your seat in GHSD

Step Four


Apply for Student Visa. Please contact us if you have any enquires on Visa application

Step Five


Get ready for study in Canada. Please arrive at GHSD one week before course opening and also inform us of your arrival date
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