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Golden Hills International

Golden Hill

 School Division


The only One Public School Division offering school dormitory in Canada

Government-funded school and Best Education quality

45 schools under GHSD and 5 high schools recruiting international Students

25% tuition off for Canadian students, Smart choice

400 professional staff serving 6,700 students

(3% is international students)

Education Circle
  • As one of the most developed and sophisticated society, Canada Education is highly appreciated by parents and students around the globe

  • Canada High School offer diverse course to meet each student talent

  • Canada high-school diploma is world widely recognized and eligible for Top University application

  • Affordable high school tuition makes Canada as the most popular destination among international students

  • Alberta High school students win on each PISA* competition and shows that Alberta can offer best education.

*PISA is an international assessment of the skills and knowledge of 15-year-olds​

         Alberta is one of the richest provinces in Canada, since it produces lots of petroleum and mines. The capital center of Alberta is Edmonton, while its financial center is Calgary where GHSD locates nearby.


        Alberta is located in Western Canada and also bounded by British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Montana State of US. Alberta has 3.46 million population and cover 660.000 square kilometers.


          Albert has four seasons and enjoys all-year-round sunshine. The range of temperature is -24 to -8℃ in winter and 16 to 20℃ in summer.

Winer: Nov.~Mid-Mar.            Spring: Mid-Mar.~May.  

Summer: Jun.~ Aug.              Autumn: Sep.~ Nov.

Alberta Golden Hills Map


GHSD has agreements with many repetitious universities that GHSD students will be in first-round consideration of admission

International students can win college seat as long as their academic performance is above 70%

Want to know how to get into GHSD for better future?
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